Member safety is a priority to us. We believe that your training partner is the most important person in the room, without them you are unable to learn or grow. The following is a guideline for proper etiquette within our academy.

  • All personal items can be placed in an empty cubby, located within the main mat area.
  • Do not wear shoes on the mat.
  • No bare feet in the restroom. Flip flops are provided to help keep your feet clean.
  • Fingernails and toenails must be trimmed and clean before participating in class.
  • Always wear clean uniforms for all classes.
    • Handwraps need to be washed
    • Gloves need to be sanitized
    • Gi’s need to be washed
    • Clothing needs to be washed
    • After EVERY class
  • It is important to be composed and respectful. We are a family friendly academy. It is important to protect your training partners when rolling and drilling live, from other pairs and inanimate objects.